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Celebrity + Deviant Porträts Celebrity + Deviant Porträts Celebrity + Deviant Porträts Celebrity + Deviant Porträts Celebrity + Deviant Porträts Celebrity + Deviant Portraits Celebrity + Deviant Portraits  Celebrity + Deviant Portraits Celebrity + Deviant Portraits Celebrity + Deviant Portraits TEDx Dekel Bor Christian Berkel Celebrity + Deviant Portraits Celebrity + Deviant Portraits Celebrity + Deviant Portraits

Fruit Vendors

The Fruit Vendors are Christoph's contribution to the current BFF (Bund freelance photographer and film designers Germany) exhibition in Berlin entitled “Reduction.” The interior of a car serves as screen for a highly emotional sales processes. The Fruit Vendors have emerged along the highway north of Nairobi, Kenya, in a photo project for an NGO.

Fruit Vendors Fruit Vendors Fruit Vendors Fruit Vendors

My dream

Atmospheric portraits in staged surroundings show the dreams and wishes in the assisted living project of “Stifung Mensch”. In the foreground of this exhibition project, lies the beauty of the individual person, shown together with his wishes and desires.

My dream - flower meadow Football Fan Zoo Keeper My dream - dancing Stiftung_Mensch_Coach My Dream

TEDx Hamburg

Untill 2015 TEDxHamburg will be inviting the movers and visionaries of this world to present their ideas and projects that are already changing the futures of our cities – like bridging the gap between rich and poor communities, reducing our carbon footprints, reintroducing nature into dense metropolises, reimagining education urban design and music. In the fabulous surroundings of the Laeisz Halle Christoph made potraits of those who want to shape the future of urban living: the city 2.0.

TEDx Hamburg 2015 TEDx Hamburg 2015 TEDx Hamburg 2015 Boris Blank (Yello) and Håkan Libdo (Audio Industries) Boris Blank (Yello) and Håkan Libdo (Audio Industries) TEDx Tanga Elektra TEDx Van Bo Le-Mentzel Micha Becker Roland Satterwhite Stefan Balzer

Juryvorsitz Fotowettbewerb “Natur im Fokus”

Zwei bedeutende Parks der Stadt feiern in diesem Jahr Geburtstag: Der Altonaer Volkspark und der Hamburger Stadtpark werden hundert Jahre alt. Grund genug, Hamburgs Grün 2014 zu feiern.

Für die Kommunikation der Veranstaltungsreihe »100 Jahre Stadtgrün« und die Bewerbung des Wettbewerbs »Natur im Fokus – Hamburgs grüne Vielfalt entdecken!« hat Christoph Siegert einige Bilder umgesetzt, die wir hier zeigen. Zudem ist Christoph in der Jury des Wettbewerbs vertreten.

Der Fotowettbewerb wird in Kooperation mit dem Hamburger Abendblatt durchgeführt. Die besten Arbeiten werden in einer Ausstellung an einem prominenten Ort in Hamburg und im Hamburger Abendblatt präsentiert.

City Green - Butterfly City Green Offices City Green Birdwatching City Green - Dunes City Green - City Edge

BMW Business Magazine

The KPM – The King’s porcelain factory in Berlin is one of Germany’s cultural gems. Germany has found it’s place in the world manufacturing market by producing goods of the highest quality and the KPM is no exception. Christoph was there with the BMW Business Magazine who were writing an article about the turnaround of the factory under the leadership of Jörg Woltmann. Christophs task was to create authentic images. It was a staged reportage for BMW to produce editorial car images against the backdrop of the workplace of master craftsmen and women. He made some inspiring portraits of the people who have been employed there for generations.
Friedrich the Great bought the factory in 1763 from a failing merchant. Herr Woltmann refers to his predecessor, the King, whose bust sits in his office, as „my little boss.“ (in German: Chefchen)

BMW_KPM BMW_KPM BMW_KPM BMW Mr Woltmann BMW @ KPM BMW_KPM BMW Business Class Magazine

The last year of German voluntary service

Christoph took pictures of 13 voluntary social workers and their protégés. He used Polaroid material that was scanned and printed later. “In these portraits we wanted to show the unique relationships that have developed between the civilian servants and their protégés”, Christoph says. There is also a 10 minute film about the everyday work of the civilian servants as an extension of the photo project. This alternative to military service ended in the middle of 2011 after running for almost 50 years.

Vanessa and Hans Vanessa and Hans Vanessa and Hans Benjamin and Elke Helge and Lars Rieke and Oliver Sabrina and Rainer Anna and Annemarie Momme and Elena

Dream Men in the House of Photography, Hamburg

Under the motto “The most beautiful men in the world” more than 20,000 visitors came to the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg on the night of the 16.04.2011. There was an exhibition of the works of “Gilbert & George” and “Dream Men – 50 star photographers show their vision of the ideal”. For the Haus der Photographie there was a special program on that particular night. Dream men were invited to be staged in a live photo shooting by Christoph. Christoph and the Deichtorhallen go back a long way. During that night in April he became the 51st photographer for the exhibition “Dream Men”.

Felix and Peter Maciej Andreas Daniel Daniel and Maciej

Work place – Hamburg harbour

These pictures taken under the motto “Work place – Hamburg harbour” show interesting glimpses behind the curtain of the harbour of Hamburg. They take you to the people whose hearts are beating for the harbour, who in fact are the harbor and who make the harbour's heart beat. For this project Christoph browsed through almost every corner of the harbour – including the buoy indicating the navigable water right in the middle of the river Elbe. Disembarkment controllers, stevedores, people operating a snack bar: in the harbour there are many work places that the public hardly even knows about. But if you look closely you realise that nothing would function without them.

Singer in her workplace - Hamburg harbour Minister in his workplace - Hamburg harbour Pump attendant in his workplace - Hamburg harbour Workplace - Hamburg harbour Workplace - Hamburg harbour Trainer in his workplace - Hamburg harbour

1 Day in Germany – Book project

Taken from the book's foreword: “The seventh of May in 2010 was a very normal Friday. And still it will be kept in memory for a long time. Because on this day 432 photographers travelled through Germany to record what was happening in front of their cameras. In schools and living rooms, on football grounds and at airports, in parliaments and discotheques. They travelled through villages and big towns and looked for moments that repesented their country.” Christoph went to the Harz for that particular day. He took portraits of the people working there and people enjoying their free time.

1 Day Germany 1 Day Germany 1 Day Germany 1 Day Germany

Rural life

Under the title “Rural life”, Christoph combines different contemporary projects concerning farming and traditional values in rural landscapes. A central theme of the series is the appreciation of the resulting products that have been produced with so much care and love.

Gruyère Cheesery Gruyère Cheesery Gruyère Cheesery Gruyère Cheesery