Kitechild Kenya 4:22

Our video showcases the sustainable projects which Kitechild has developed within several orphanages in Kenya. The visual language of Christoph highlights the emotional aspects and the positiv impact of the children. Each project is tailored to meet the needs and address the challenges that each home faces in providing quality care and opportunities for their children.

Der Fleischgroßmarkt im Herzen von Hamburg 7:03

Die persönliche und emotionale Sicht von Kunden auf „ihren“ FGH bilden das Leitmotiv für den Imagefilm über den Fleischgroßmarkt Hamburg. Überraschende Blickwinkel auf den größten Fleischhandelsplatz Europas, nach den Hallen von Paris. Voller Detailreich-
tum und im authentischen DSLR Stil gefilmt.

Christophs Show - Reel 1:39 Min

Photo and film projects from the years 2013 – 2015.
It's great to see how the photos and films work in combination with each other!
Different looks and diverse emotional images from my own projects as well as work for advertising agencies and businesses. It makes me hungry for more…

Edelhof 1514

Edelhof 1514 3:23 Min

The family project Edelhof 1514, “slow food“ and sustainable production are personal concerns of mine. Edelhof 1514 will win you over with it’s regional specialities, fruit and fruit products. It’s exclusive palette of products, made close to the source, are set centre stage for connoisseurs and aficionados.

Drager X-plore® 8000

Dräger X-plore® 8000 1:44 Min

The concept: To test the Dräger X-plore® 8000, a professional breathing apparatus in a carwash. Heading up the production was Christoph Siegert along side the creative team from the agency Pixel Park. The product designer was to test his product himself and was ready for a day of being continually soaped up, sprayed and dried.

Uvas de la Argentina

Uvas de la Argentina 2:05 Min

The sounds and day to day rustle of vines are the setting of this little grape film. Here in Argentina the grapes are harvested and shipped around the world. We get an insight into life under the vines and the music and musings which accompany daily life.


Elbler 1:19 Min

Christoph has created the ideal setting for the Hamburg based start up Elbler to present their delicious organic apple cider. Whether you need to cool down and chill or get up and get lively Christoph's sunshine images get everyone in the right mood.

A Passion for Watches

A Passion for Watches 1:42 Min

Choosing the right watch for a customer can be a very satisfying job.

Echt Mensch!

Echt Mensch! 04:15

Stiftung Mensch provides the opportunity for people with disabilities to work side by side the roadies and the bands to create Summer Open Air, a truly special event where music unites people of all ages and backgrounds. They are a motor for inclusion. Christoph filmed “ behind the scenes” to create this stunning insight into a celebration of life and music.


Emco Scooters 0:57 Min

In the scenic bathing and nature resort of Munsterland, Christoph shot an electro-scooter campaign for Emco. The modern instagram look of these pictures was reflected in the eight film clips from which we have made an Emco reel.

Grazia Germany

Grazia Germany 2:47 Min

Fashion, celebrities, lifestyle and news: This short movie gives you an insight into how the editorial team of “Grazia Deutschland” works. There are quick cuts, loud colours and a lot of emotions.

A Passion for Jewels

A Passion for Jewels 1:35 Min

In this film we discover how an individual piece of jewellery is created. Chosen by a diamond expert, adapted in dialogue with the customer and created and polished in the workshop.


Starlab Showreel 1:51 Min

For the international liquid-handling specialists Starlab, the agency SOP Hamburg and Studio Siegert produced six online films for the international market, in French, Italian, German and English.

A Passion for Service

A Passion for Service 1:41 Min

Everyone who comes to Mahlberg and Meyer receives good service – no matter where you purchased your watch. In this film we take a look behind the scenes in the workshop.

Crea 2013

Crea Award 4:55 Min

“It’s a bit like speed dating…“ The agencies have to win the jury over with their work and presentations. This year Christoph followed the race with his camera from the first jury sitting to the prize giving. With entertaining sound bites and impressions we get a taste of the big battle of the agencies.

Max Bahr

Max Bahr Spot 0:29 Min

This short spot can booked by local hardware stores to be shown in local movie theatres. This example is from Regensburg.

Sportperle Hamburg

Sportperle Hamburg 8:20 Min

It took some days on location in Austria's Zillertal to finish this movie for “Sportperle Hamburg” – a leading supplier of winter sports equipment.

BP Visco

BP Visco 0:56 Min

For the BP Visco series, Christoph produced several B2B movies for the non-European market. The movies supply the businesses with some important sales arguments. Parts of the movies were done using blue screen techniques so that separate backgrounds could be inserted later.

Edeka Gruyère

Edeka Gruyère 0:20 Min

Along with the Hamburg advertising agency Conrad Gley Thieme Christoph produced a movie for Le Gruyère AOC. The landscapes and the dairy scenes were shot in the Gruyère region.

The last of voluntary service in Germany

The last year of German voluntary service 10:03 Min

This movie shows the day to day work of people doing voluntary service at Stiftung Mensch. This alternative to military service ended in the midddle of 2011 after running for almost 50 years. What else is so exciting about this project? Christoph mixed his own film with parts that the civillian servants filmed themselves.

Queen of Hair

Queen of Hair 2:17 Min

A very personal portrait of Machére-Renée Castanier who operates a barber shop which opens mainly at night. It is situated in St. Pauli so she has a lot to tell about her unusual clients.